Our apprentices: 6 month catch up

Our three new apprentices have been working hard alongside us for the last six months. Alex Stuart, Patrick Sunley and Finley Donald joined SES in August 2016 with Alex and Patrick in the Electrical department and Finley in the Mechanical.

Alex: I have found the last six months at SES to be really enjoyable and informative. Since starting I have learnt a lot about the tools and equipment that the company supply to the energy industry, and I feel I have come a long way since I started. The atmosphere at SES is great, whenever I need assistance there has always been someone nearby willing to help whilst having a laugh along the way. The deadlines can be quite a challenge, but as a team we work hard to get them completed within the timescale.

Patrick: I really enjoy working at SES. Everyone gets along which is great for moral and makes for a good working environment. Since joining SES six months ago, I have had a great level of support from my colleagues and supervisors, and whenever I need help there’s always been someone there to lend a hand. The best part about this role is performing a PAT test on the equipment to make sure it’s in perfect working condition before being packaged. I believe that in this industry the most challenging aspect is ensuring the orders leave the warehouse on time for our clients.

Finley: The last six months at SES have been a great hands-on learning experience where I get to increase my knowledge in the discipline every day. It’s a very positive and out-going working environment, with a lot of encouragement to succeed. The most challenging aspects of the apprenticeship are handling the problems that occur with mechanical equipment and then solving the issue. However, the company provides me the support and training I need to develop my skills.

If you would like any more information about SES and how we invest in our people, or information on future apprentice positions please contact Irene Munro on 01224 291400.

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